Prayer Requests

Written by admin on Apr 12, 2012

Below you will find  some of the  prayer  requests  and  needs.  If you  want to  add  someone  to the   list or  have a thanksgiving or an answered prayer, please  send the  info either to   Gary Butts  or to our  Web Servant, Larry Miles and it will be  posted here.




Please pray for the outreach of the Portland Avenue Church of Christ.

  • Margaret Ditsch
  • Sherry & Sandy Dupin
  • Rita Smallwood
  • Robert & Joy Garrett
  • Sonny Childs Ministries
  • Philippine Misions
  • Nakahara Misions
  • Martin & Susan Brooks
  • Words of Life Radio
  • Woodland Bible Camp
  • Maple Manor
  • Portland Christian School
  • Government and Leaders
  •  Military, both abroad and home
  • Conditions in the Middle East
  • Persecuted Christians world wide
  • The lost and the unsaved.
  • Jim and Janet Goodwin.
  • Owen Shilling.
  • Blizzard victims in the north east.

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  • Bev heid May 18, 2012 pm31 12:41 pm . Reply

    Brought my husband in to baptist east this morning and they are admitting him. They are going to do a heart Cathy or stress test. Waiting for dr to come in and tell us.I

  • admin May 19, 2012 am31 1:34 am . Reply

    Via Facebook-Portland Page

    Bill Heid’s procedure went well and it looks as if he will be going home tomorrow. (Sat)

  • admin May 19, 2012 am31 1:35 am . Reply

    Bev– praying for Bill–

    Larry Miles

  • James Embree June 16, 2012 pm30 9:33 pm . Reply

    A Praise report! My dad, James T. Embree had a vascular test yesterday and everything veinwise looks good! They will now schedule an operation on his foot. Please be in prayer for him, mom, and the team of caregivers we have had to gather to help take care of both of them 24/7.

    • admin June 16, 2012 pm30 9:48 pm . Reply

      Thanks, James for the good report– May the Lord be with your family!

      Larry Miles

  • James Suulivan December 21, 2012 pm31 9:52 pm . Reply

    Dear Brother Miles;

    I wish to request prayer for the wife , of a man I just met today.His name is Peter. I met Peter as he installed gas service at a rental home I own in New Albany. It was cold and biiter when Peter arrived this morning but he was very upbeat friendly and cheerful. Seemed to be carefree. It caught me greatly by surprise when later in conversation he confided in me that his wife needed to get to the Mayo clinic as soon as possible because of seepage from a pancreatic cancer procedure she was undergoing. He said she could not get the treatment needed in this area and was at the point of death when the doctors at Mayo were discovered. Peter said he didn’t have any vacation left and thats why he had to make the trip on the weekend. I asked if he would like us to pray for this situation and he was very grateful and pleased that we would . Peters’ wife name is Lynn.
    Thank you and God bless all.

  • isabella January 21, 2013 pm31 8:44 pm . Reply

    I want to pray for the little children who are victims of the internet amen. thank you.

  • melanie February 7, 2013 am28 3:13 am . Reply

    I pray that God fill the internet with his Word.

  • Jonathan Ashbeck March 2, 2013 pm31 8:44 pm . Reply

    Richard Pinches was taken to the hospital about five or six weeks ago due to infections in his lungs and was added on the transparent list just recently. However, his health is still in bad shape.

  • brigittefalaen March 19, 2013 am31 10:19 am . Reply

    I pray that many people in church don’t forget to give their offering to My God. Amen

  • chantal March 28, 2013 am31 4:41 am . Reply

    I pray that many church of God be bless in The name of Jesus Christ The Lord amen.

  • Jonathan Ashbeck March 30, 2013 am31 11:54 am . Reply

    About several weeks ago, the doctors refused to allow Richard Pinches to go on the transplant (not transparent) list until he lost four pounds. A couple weeks later, the doctors are finally permitting him to go on the transplant list, but the doctors have to decide what to do yet. If those who read my previous message on Richard Pinches, please pray for him. Thank you and have a nice blessed Easter Sunday!

  • Jonathan Ashbeck April 6, 2013 am30 10:57 am . Reply

    Last month, Jan Van Guilder was taken to the hospital after she slipped on ice and injured her back. She is out of the hospital, but she cannot go outside or even go to CHURCH for another month. I ask you to please pray for her. Thank you and have a nice day!

  • Jonathan Ashbeck April 7, 2013 pm30 2:39 pm . Reply

    Jan Van Guilder, last month, broke her spine by slipping on the ice and was hospitalized, will have surgery next Monday and will not go to church until the ice melts completely.

  • hilda April 8, 2013 pm30 4:14 pm . Reply

    Please Jesus be The Lord in our hearts. Amen.

  • Jonathan Ashbeck April 13, 2013 pm30 2:15 pm . Reply

    I have an update on Jan Van Guilder; she will have surgery on her spine on Monday, I hope you would pray for her. Thank you.

  • Jonathan Ashbeck April 19, 2013 pm30 10:39 pm . Reply

    I have two prayer requests; Jan Van Guilder fractured her spine in her house garage and not the ice. I ask you to pray for Richard Pinches’ family as he finally died on Thursday night. Please pray to have God give his family comfort.

  • Jonathan Ashbeck April 20, 2013 am30 8:53 am . Reply

    Jan Van Guilder actually slipped in her house garage instead of the ice and FRACTURED her spine but she will not have surgery and Richard Pinches finally past away Thursday night and I ask you to pray for his family.

  • marc April 20, 2013 pm30 4:52 pm . Reply

    We are going through a custody battle for the children. I am fighting many lies. My “ex’ is not Christian and after coming from their mothers’ they pick up her profanities. They will then not be going to church anymore if she should acquire custody. My son Blake is asthmatic and daughter Maci has respiratory issues and she even smokes in the car with them, Please pray for our situation. She is also into witchcraft. The fervent prayer of a righteous person availeth much. God Bless you for your prayers.

  • Jonathan Ashbeck April 26, 2013 pm30 3:53 pm . Reply

    Jan Van Guilder actually fractured her spine and slipped in the GARAGE, not the ice, while going outside to poor salt on the ice on her driveway. Instead of a surgery, she did undergo spine procedure on Monday. I can’t guarantee that she’s returning to church on Sunday and I ask you to pray for her.

  • Jonathan Ashbeck April 28, 2013 pm30 6:08 pm . Reply

    April 22nd was Jan Van Guilder’s procedure on her fractured spine and was rushed to the hospital again after falling out of her bed April 26 or 27.

  • Jonathan Ashbeck May 12, 2013 pm31 12:57 pm . Reply

    Two months ago, Jan Van Guilder actually fractured her spine in her house garage while trying to pour salt on the ice and had a procedure on her spine last month. She was recently taken to the nursing home in Gillette, Wisconsin but came home on May 4th that afternoon. She is still pretty weak but she is getting better though.

  • Jonathan Ashbeck May 19, 2013 pm31 2:05 pm . Reply

    Jan Van Guilder is getting better as she is at home. She is starting to get stronger again and hopefully she might return to Church on May 26th.

  • Jonathan Ashbeck August 21, 2013 pm31 8:03 pm . Reply

    Jan Van Guilder returned to church two months ago.

  • Jonathan Ashbeck August 24, 2013 pm31 4:59 pm . Reply

    My dad’s uncle Tom Ashbeck had a hip replacement after when he pulled over for a car to pass and the golf cart rolled over and it broke his hip in half.

  • Jonathan Ashbeck September 11, 2013 pm30 7:03 pm . Reply

    We need to pray for America because sixty percent of Americans are nonreligious; that is sad and we seriously need to wake up.

  • Jonathan Ashbeck October 4, 2013 am31 10:42 am . Reply

    I have started school after labour day and I am now a junior in high school; I have a hard time accepting changes and I also struggle on showing patience with others as Proverbs states that soft answers calms the wrath but harsh answers stirs the wrath; I ask for prayers since that I am desiring to find God’s wisdom and that I may suceed in high school.

  • deborah marie February 25, 2014 pm28 2:34 pm . Reply

    Please, bless Israël

  • Rebecca Ann Chaudoin February 27, 2014 pm28 2:59 pm . Reply

    Please pray for Jamie and I . I met Jamie at Burton’s auction house where I go on Monday’s.
    I feel in my heart that Jamie and I are meant to be together . Jamie can always make me smile and laugh even when I am not feeling well . Jamie and I need all of the prayers we can get thank you for praying.

    Rebecca Ann Chaudoin

  • amanda smith April 25, 2014 pm30 9:26 pm . Reply

    I wish You the best, Jesus Christ amen.

  • barbara May 30, 2014 pm31 10:55 pm . Reply

    PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY & FAST FOR COMPLETE, PERMANENT DELIVERANCE VERY QUICKLY FROM MAJOR ABANDONMENT ISSUES, LIFELONG DEPRESSION & ANXIETY.& FEAR OF LOVE & ESPECIALLY GETTING TO THE ROOT CAUSE. ALSO FOR EXACTLY THE RIGHT MEDICATION WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS. Also, that I truly forgive the people that abused me in the past and the men that abandoned me. And, for my son whose girlfriend broke up with him and he is sad (he has had some struggles with depression also)…:((( Also, for Greg to make the right decision about a job and home AND us. PLEASE leave US on the list permanently! THANK YOU SO MUCH! ALSO, FOR THOMAS, CHRISTOPHER , CYD, MICHAEL, TONY & ALISA

  • Jonathan Ashbeck October 14, 2014 pm31 1:51 pm . Reply

    I had started my senior year in high school on September 2 and this is my final year in school. Because it is still very early in the school year it will even be a while before I even graduate. I also need to continue to develop my own personal relationship with God, continue to stay positive, and I do accept Christ as Lord and Savior.

  • calathea hayes December 10, 2014 pm31 4:03 pm . Reply

    Bless the Jews amen.

  • daniel defor February 3, 2015 am28 8:35 am . Reply

    The Jews be bless. Amen

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